Pastor & Church Council

Rev. Aubyn & Minister Enid Barnaby

Senior Pastor

Rev. Aubyn & Minister Enid Barnaby are the 16th pastor to serve this fellowship, he and his wife, Minister Enid Barnaby, began ministry here since Dec 29, 1983. His vision for this local church continues to be that of reaching people of every race with the life-transforming message of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Nigel and Dionne Hutchinson

Youth Pastor & Minister of Music

Pastor Nigel and Dionne Hutchinson, along with their two sons are the Youth Pastors and Minister of Music here at First Assembly of God. He gives himself fully to the call of Christ while using his musical talents and abilities, interwind with the Word of God, as he leads God people into passionate worship.
Pastor Nigel and Dionne have been ministering here at First AG since August 2005 and they passionately serve the youth of the city of New Rochelle, Pelham, Mt. Vernon, Bronx, Yonkers, and surrounding communities.
Together they seek to lead as many as they can with the help of the Holy Spirit, to the love of Christ and watch God transform lives through the gifts and talents, He has blessed them with. Pastor Nigel lives by these words: “I Love God and I Love People”.

Deacon Fignole D'Haiti


Deacon Fignole D'Haiti is a humble man of God. He is a good and godly deacon who serves discreetly because of his deep-seated humility.  Deacon D'Haiti has been a member of First AG since August 1990. He is married to Vickie D'Haiti and together they are also missionaries to Haiti leading the church plant in Haiti for many years.